Two Priests on Bikes


Two Priests on Bikes begins again in 2014
Fr. Mark wants a rematch!


In 2013, Fr. Terry Anderson, Pastor of Holy Trinity Catholic School in Huron, and Fr. Mark Lichter, Pastor of Sacred Heart Catholic Parish in Yankton, rode their bikes across South Dakota to raise funds for their schools.  The results - Holy Trinity $16,081.63, Yankton $11,771.15.  Terrific results for both schools!  

Now its 2014, and Fr. Mark wants a REMATCH!  Fr. Terry has agreed to ride in this friendly competition to see who can raise the most money for their schools.  The journey will begin on May 8. Fr. Paul Josten, Pastor at St. Agatha Church in Howard, South Dakota, will be their "driver", following along in case someone needs help along the way, and to shuttle supplies for their journey.
BUT - there's a twist to the story this year - no one will know their route or their whereabouts until they call in to their schools with clues as to their location.  "Where in the World are Fr. Mark & Fr. Terry?!
"  The first clue:  They will visit a different Catholic School in the Diocese of Sioux Falls every day on their journey.  But which schools will they visit?  You'll have to track their journey on this website!  We know that the journey begins in Huron, South Dakota, at Holy Trinity Catholic School on May 8.  Where will they go from there - you'll have to wait for the clues!!  

Students from both Holy Trinity and Sacred Heart will collect pledges for each mile that they bike on their journey.  Although there are 172 students enrolled at Holy Trinity as opposed to 390 students at Sacred Heart, Holy Trinity is up to the challenge again this year!  We will be tracking their progress to see who raises the most money for their school.  Students at both schools will be following the journey across South Dakota via Skype video calls with Fr. Terry & Fr. Mark.  Monies raised for Holy Trinity Catholic School will be used to support Catholic education, and monies raised for Sacred Heart Catholic School will be used to support their school and their religious education programs.

                                                               Let the Race Begin!

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