That's right - Fr. Terry & Fr. Mark are taking the bike race 

to the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota - during the 75th Anniversary Sturgis Rally Week!

For those not familiar with the Two Priests on Bikes Fundraiser, it began in 2013 when Father Terry Anderson and Father Mark Lichter began their first epic bike race across South Dakota (from south to north, that is).  

The purpose of the race?  The purpose was to raise needed funds for their schools (Holy Trinity Catholic School in Huron and Sacred Heart Catholic School in Yankton).  The race was SUCH a huge success that they did it again in 2014, this time biking to a different Catholic School in the Diocese of Sioux Falls every day.  This year - things have changed........

Fr. Terry Anderson is still Pastor at Holy Trinity Catholic Church/School in Huron, South Dakota, but Father Mark Lichter is now Pastor at Sacred Heart Church in Aberdeen, and will be raising funds for the Roncalli Catholic Schools.  Who will win this year?  That remains to be seen!  We will be tracking their progress daily to see who raises the most money for their respective school.  Check back every day starting on August 4th for updates.....

All monies raised will be used to support Catholic education at both schools - but we have a NEW twist this year - 10% of the proceeds from both schools will go to support LAMB Catholic Radio in South Dakota.  Its a win-win for everyone!


They're back for more in 2015 - where will the journey take them this year?

                Three hints:

Two Priests on Bikes

They did it AGAIN in 2014.......

It began in 2013..............


Many, many thanks to EVERYONE who donated to the Bike Fundraiser for both schools.  The final totals:                     

Roncalli - $7,504.10     Holy Trinity - $11,939.65

​Fundraiser for Catholic Education